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About Christian Hill

Christian is a seasoned Market Access professional with decades of international BioPharma industry experience. He has led Market Access teams and submissions at InterMune, Gilead, Pfizer and Genzyme, covering a broad range of products and disease areas, from chronic disease to ultra-orphan indications.

Involved in many HTAs across Europe, Christian has built up a strong influencer network across the EU and national agencies. In 2012 he co-founded MAP BioPharma with his wife Dawn Hill, and the concept of ‘MAP Online’ was born.

This story tells you how it came to be, and why our CEO is so passionate about accelerating patient access to innovative treatments with a particular focus on rare diseases.

Christian and Dawn Hill

Christian and Dawn Hill at the MAP Christmas party

From childhood illness to championing patients 

Each person’s formative years shape the person you become. Christian reveals how his very personal childhood experiences have driven his vision of a patient-centric healthcare market.

“As a teenager, I was told the story from when I was a baby, that I’d had a bad reaction to a medicine, which unfortunately left me with infantile hemiplegia - total paralysis of one side of my body.

My parents were told that I’d never talk, learn or walk normally, and I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life needing special care. Through the commitment and frankly tenacity of an RAF doctor where I was being treated, over a period of two years, I was completely cured. Sadly, this was not the case for some other children who apparently had the same reaction, but not the same level of care.

Christian Hill, 16 months old, 8 months before his final discharge

Christian Hill, 16 months old, 8 months prior to winning his battle with hemiplegia

When I joined the life sciences industry, I had the unique opportunity to meet the medical team who looked after me. This was empowering and emotional, but most of all a driving force for what has become a long and thankfully successful career.

I’ve also experienced working in orphan and ultra-orphan conditions across several companies and dozens of treatments, which has enabled me to have contact with patients and families living with, and sometimes very sadly succumbing to those rare diseases. I’ve seen first-hand the effects it had on the patients and their families, as well as the healthcare professionals caring for them.

The positive experiences far outweighed the negative, as these included many patients gaining from breakthrough enzyme replacement therapies and other innovations. Seeing how lives could be turned around, built on the foundation of my experience as a child made me feel even more passionately about helping accelerate access to medicines, devices and diagnostics that are available and the wonderful industry that the life sciences sector can be.”

A chance meeting in Brussels sparked an idea

Christian attended a EUCOPE meeting in Brussels, during which he ran into an ex-colleague who explained the challenges she was having navigating reimbursement processes. In particular, she found staying informed in a dynamic and continuously changing environment very frustrating. Information sources were never up-to-date and, as a consequence, she was having to make commercial decisions with old data or having to rely on favours from colleagues in the industry. 

“That was my lightbulb moment!”

“I knew immediately what the BioPharma and MedTech communities needed - An online central depository for all Market Access information, updated daily by people who care, and who you can call at a drop of a hat with any question. With encouragement and support from my wife and co-founder Dawn, 
MAP Online was created at 2am the very next morning and, as you can imagine, my ex-colleague was the first to sign up.” 

Transforming the industry to reach patients sooner

In many of his past roles, projects and assignments, Christian has felt underwhelmed by the provision of many traditional Market Access consultancies.

“Their lack of strategic perspective for the whole Market Access journey and their disjointed silo approach, creates inefficiencies and the risk of errors. Coupled with a lack of up-to-date information, many processes I saw were over-complicated, over-engineered and lengthened the journey from lab to life. Surely, we want to do everything we can to reach patients sooner!”

Christian Hill with MAP Staff Jessica Summers and Laura Carter

Christian Hill with MAP Staff, Jessica Summers and Laura Carter

This is why MAP Online  supported by the MAP Consultancy team, is so committed to giving you access to the most up to date information regarding the processes, policies and stakeholders you need to know to plan your Market Access journey. Validated by experts, updated regularly and constantly improving with insights from our consultancy team it has helped over 450 members since it was created in 2012 and will continue to help clients so that patients and their families can have faster access to life changing medicines and innovative medical technologies. 

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