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A suite of best-in-class Market Access tools that save you time in planning, used regularly by our consultants these tools are practical and comprehensive. Available to MAP Online members as part of the membership fee, or at a highly subsidised rate. Tools can also be purchased for a one-off fee by non-MAP Online members.


International Reference Pricing Model

Complete modelling of the impact of reference pricing rules on the main global markets including the likelihood and extent of parallel trade.


Market Access Planning Tool Windows & Mac

A useful HTA launch and planning tool that includes a comprehensive Gantt chart for each country, which feeds into a centralised dashboard to support your planning and tracking of progress across multiple countries.


Parliamentary Event Planning Tool

This tool helps you schedule the key events in planning an event that will engage parliamentarians and senior civil servants.


Incremental Cost-effectiveness Ratio (ICER) Calculator

A simplified ICER calculator that can help provide an estimated ICER for your product, taking into account aspects such as discount rates, time horizon, interventions and comparators.


Budget Impact Model (BIM)

A BIM allows the assessment of the financial benefit of using a particular treatment in a specific group of patients.


International Reference Pricing (IRP) Lookup Table

IRP rules and trends at a glance, with rules updated regularly.


Cost Minimisation Model

Where a new product has been shown to have equal effectiveness to its comparators, a cost-minimisation model can be used for economic evaluation.


Revenue Forecast Model

Supporting prediction of manufacturing requirements and sales by country over time, including a breakdown of total patient population based on fields to capture your epidemiology assumptions through to patient discontinuations.


Annual Financial Return (AFR) template

An AFR is a document that companies must fill out and submit to the Department of Health and Social Care detailing sales, pricing and other financial information.


CURE Model

CURE (Comparative Utilisation of Resources Evaluation) – provides an objective measure of the relative benefit of drug therapies within a specific therapeutic area.


Advance Budgetary Notification (ABN) Template

ABN’s and APN’s (Advance Product Notifications) are often used by companies to alert stakeholders with a budgetary responsibility to the future intended availability of a new medicine or technology.

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