MAP BioPharma has a highly experienced team of Market Access consultants with over 200 years of collective experience managing a wide range of market access challenges across international markets.

Our expertise includes:

  •  Market Access strategy and pricing

  •  Health economics

  •  Outcomes research

  •  Real world evidence

  •  Systematic reviews

  •  Clinical writing

  •  Policy and public affairs

  •  Stakeholder engagement

  •  Advocacy development

  •  Market access legal advice

  •  Project support

This enables us to provide our clients with a professional and integrated response to the challenges they face.

Our bespoke Consultancy service provides structured product-specific and organisational support. Our holistic approach to Market Access strategy generates simple and cost-effective solutions. Our services range from strategy development through to execution in the pre-launch, peri-launch and post-launch environments. 



years’ experience across the team


successful HTA and pricing applications

What we provide

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Market Access Strategy and Pricing

MAP offer product specific, one to one expert strategic advice on a consulting basis throughout the product lifecycle across the EU. Our wealth of experience can help you develop a fully comprehensive strategy to seamlessly bring your product to market.

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HTA Submissions 

MAP offers strategic insight and a truly joined-up approach whilst leveraging our experience to support companies in other international markets. MAP have helped clients with over 200 HTA submissions.

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Heath Economics & Outcomes Research

Health economics & outcomes research (HEOR) information helps you to understand a product's value and its potential in real-world clinical practice. MAP are experts in evidence generation to support you with your HTA submission.

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Clinical Engagement

Bringing new medicines to market is a long and complicated process with many different stakeholders involved. Clinical engagements can help understand different viewpoints for your product. Done well, it will help you develop a more comprehensive Market Access strategy.

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Patient Engagement

In a shifting healthcare landscape with improved transparency, patients have become an increasingly integral stakeholder in the delivery of health services. Patient engagement can help the integration of innovative medicines into the health services and develop new opportunities.
But how and when should you engage and what trends and drivers are shaping their involvement?

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Policy and Public Affairs

Strategic Policy and Public Affairs activity can shape the environment for your company or product. It will address potential challenges or developments that may have an impact on patient access. MAP’s in-depth understanding of the policy and public affairs environment for the health sector and established relationships with stakeholders and decision-makers, will help you ensure that opportunities are created and maximised through nuanced engagement with relevant stakeholders.

MAP BioPharma’s Policy and Public Affairs Code of Conduct sets out how we ensure an ethical approach to all Policy and Public Affairs activity that we undertake.

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