Complaints Procedure

Statement of Intent

MAP BioPharma aims to provide excellent service. However, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service you receive, we have a complaints procedure which should be followed in order to raise a formal complaint.
Our complaints procedure is open to anyone who receives or requests a service.

It is accepted that most complaints will be made informally to front-line members of staff and will be resolved at this stage without the need for further action. If we receive a complaint and we feel it is appropriate, we may telephone you and attempt to resolve the matter immediately.

How do I make a formal complaint?
If your complaint is not resolved informally, and you would like to take the matter further, please send an email to the address below, setting out your concerns including copies of any documentation which will help us investigate the situation.

Complaints may include:
• delays or failure to provide a service
• dissatisfaction with our policies and procedures
• perceived unhelpful behaviour or treatment by staff
• failure to achieve our published standards.

Email address:

Our aim is to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction within this first stage of the formal complaint's procedure. The appropriate member of the team will work to address your concerns, provide detailed explanation and, where necessary, offer an appropriate resolution.

To allow time for detailed investigation, we aim to provide a response within five working days but will provide initial response within one working day.

In the event you feel the matter needs to be taken further, the complaint will be escalated. The CEO will review your complaint and the investigation material and will aim to provide a response within ten working days.

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