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Case study 2:

Helping a growing US biopharma company navigate product reimbursement across Europe


  •  Our client had had their product approved by the FDA and was keen to secure pricing and reimbursement across the EU5.

  •  They had not yet expanded outside the United States and were keen to identify a partner who could help them navigate market access challenges across multiple markets.

  •  In particular, the client was looking for a partner who would act as an extension of their team, bringing clarity and efficiency to the company’s work in an unknown and complex environment.


  •  MAP was able to draw on its extensive experience of working in the EU5. The experienced MAP Consulting team helped guide the client through the basics of market access in each market using our online portal, MAP Online.

  •  More detailed pricing strategy and launch sequence planning were developed based on our International Reference Pricing model.

  •  With a plan in place, we were able to work directly and with our network of EU partners to support health technology appraisal submissions in each market.


  •  Our client was able to secure access to their product across all five markets, meaning patients would gain access to this much needed treatment across the key markets in Europe.

  •  Our client’s team were impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of the MAP team and we continue to work closely with them on multiple workstreams.

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