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The fundamentals of health economics and outcomes research: a (very) short overview
Published 28th July 2020

Our recent webinar explored the fundamentals of health economics and outcomes research including economic modelling and evidence synthesis. This short blog introduces you to these key elements in order to provide you with an overview of this exciting field.

MAP Online version 4 launches with improved user experience and new features

MAP Online version 4 launches with improved user experience and new features
Published 30th June 2020

MAP BioPharma are excited to launch the latest improved version of MAP Online. This essential Market Access resource has been transformed to provide an improved user experience in response to our member needs and interests. 

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Coronavirus – Challenges for Pharma & MedTech Companies in the UK, Germany & EU
Published 3rd June 2020

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge for global health systems in modern history. The implications are wide-ranging and include: Legal e.g. incentives review, policies, directives and postponement of legislation; EMA guidance on clinical trials; Shortages of medicines; counterfeit medicines; EMA priorities; and National measures. This blog outlines these implications and describes how to adapt to the new normal and proposes some solutions.

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UK Pricing of Branded Medicines: Getting (And Raising) Your Price Right
Published 26th May 2020

The UK is an attractive market for branded medicines. In this blog, we outline the UK pricing system and explain the “do's and dont's” of the price application process, whether you apply for the first time or seek a price rise. We also detail what to do when the price proposed by UK authorities is not what you hoped for and how to overcome this.

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Improving access to orphan medicines and collaboration
Published 28th April 2020

MAP’s work on orphan medicines, supported by a number of MAP Online members, has allowed us to highlight systemic issues that affect a range of rare disease medicines. In our latest blog post, Tessa Hughes, Head of Policy and Public Affairs details how working together has been instrumental in making meaningful change.

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MAP BioPharma Ireland
Published 31st March 2020

Last year Santé Strategy joined the MAP group and provides consultancy services in the Irish Healthcare sector focusing on strategic planning, market access and stakeholder engagement. Meet Brian Gavin and Declan Kinahan in our latest blog post and find out how they can help you launch your products to the Irish market.

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What is stakeholder engagement and why is it important?
Published 31st October 2019

There are a number of policy issues that can arise for pharmaceutical products, medicines and medical devices that can stop patients getting timely access to them. Building relationships with stakeholders can help break down those barriers and accelerate the patient’s access to new products. Aryan Asaadi, Associate Consultant at MAP BioPharma, has been speaking to some of the MAP team to understand the importance of these relationships.

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An insight into issues around rare diseases: An interview with Christian Hill
Published 31st July 2019

There are around 6–8,000 rare diseases affecting 5 or fewer people in 10,000. In the UK, around 25,000 people have any given rare disease. Aryan Asaadi, Associate Consultant at MAP BioPharma, has been speaking to Christian Hill, CEO of MAP BioPharma, to get his insight on the issues around rare diseases.

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