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The fundamentals of health economics and outcomes research: a (very) short overview

The HEOR team at MAP BioPharma recently held a webinar introducing participants to the fundamentals of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). HEOR is a rapidly growing field aimed at highlighting the economic value of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. A key part of HEOR activities is economic evaluations which enable reimbursement bodies to make decisions on resource allocation. Economic models form a large part of economic evaluations as they amalgamate all data relating to a product into a single tool. This enables the calculation of cost-effectiveness, a key measure used to inform discussions with reimbursement agencies around the world

An important element feeding into economic models is evidence synthesis. This can include a wide range of activities such as systematic literature reviews, real-world evidence generation and utility elicitation. Systematic literature reviews are a common requirement for reimbursement agencies and aim to identify economic outcomes such as resource use, resource cost and quality of life as well as previously conducted economic evaluations. Real-world evidence generation, or observational non-interventional studies, allow economists to obtain additional data useful for highlighting product value. This could be a study with the objective of determining cost-of-illness using insurance claims data or administrative hospital records or a primary study collecting data directly from patients or caregivers. Utility elicitation enables economists to determine the value of products from the perspective of the patient or their caregivers often using pre-designed tools, although it is possible to generate new tools for specific purposes.

Our webinar explored these elements of HEOR at an introductory level and you can request a copy of the recorded webinar here.

The HEOR team at MAP BioPharma is skilled in these, and other, HEOR study types at both the local and global level. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss MAP’s expertise in HEOR and how this can be leveraged for your product.

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Health Economics and Outcomes Research and Real-world Evidence

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