Analysis of the new NHS White Paper – Part 2

Member experience project

In February 2021, the MAP team embarked on a project it had never conducted before. We wanted to explore the views and experiences of our members, but in a nuanced way.

Using qualitative methods (namely online interviews and analysis) we wanted to gather valuable insights from our members not only to aid us in planning the future development of MAP Online content but also to understand any struggles members had with the user experience. In order to build partnership with our members, we aimed to:

  •  Find both the most used and unused areas/features of MAP Online to focus our content efforts on in the future

  •  Understand the user experience, highlighting ways to continually improve

  •  Build a stronger relationship with members

  •  Gather specific feedback from members on their full MAP Online experience and usage.

We spoke to 31 members from 23 different companies, each interview lasting 30–60 minutes. We used framework analysis to analyse the data using a thematic framework and codes to understand patterns and nuances in the data.

Overall, we found that members have a positive perception of MAP Online and that it serves as a useful and functional resource. Our members have confidence in our content and feel supported by the MAP team through member requests, consulting and senior members of the company.

We understood that it is generally specific tasks or needs that drive our members to use MAP Online. Members use the variety of content and information on MAP Online to create internal and external presentations, to inform decisions and to plan, particularly in relation to pricing and reimbursement. Members might also use MAP Online for education, development or training needs.

We are grateful to our members for their constructive suggestions regarding how we could improve their experience of MAP Online. Here is what we learned:

  •  The platform is functional but additional functions could be added to improve efficiency and usability

  •  Finding information could be more efficient

  •  There is so much content on MAP Online that members can find it difficult to know what is available

  •  Members wanted help in understanding the why not just the what so they can interpret the information and understand how different regulations and policies affect their landscape.

As a result of this research, we will be implementing several modifications. We are developing a comprehensive roadmap of MAP Online to improve navigation experience and efficiency. Key words will be added to all our pages to help improve search function effectiveness. We are also working with graphic designers to improve the look and feel of MAP Online.

Our sales and marketing teams are working together to align what we offer in MAP Online with what our members need, and of course we will continue to work with our country partners to ensure content and insights are regularly updated and validated.

We believe that implementing these changes will better serve our members going forward and we are extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to speak with us and help co-create the best version of MAP Online to date!

If you aren’t a MAP Online member and would like to find out more about the benefits of membership please get in touch at

Natasha Elmore

MAP Online Associate Consultant
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