An introduction to MAP’s Policy & Public Affairs team

An introduction to MAP’s Policy & Public Affairs team

What does the PPA team at MAP do? 

The PPA team works broadly across the business with our colleagues who have expertise in health economics, market access, legal and medical writing. We support clients to build relationships and interactions with government, policymakers, patient advocacy groups and decision-makers involved in shaping licensing, pricing, reimbursement and procurement of new medicines, technologies and diagnostics. We monitor the political environment and news agenda to support clients to respond to the changing healthcare landscape and proactively influence issues that impact commercial objectives, as well as industry more broadly and the wider healthcare environment.

We understand that companies will face wider challenges in relation to NHS services, pathways and procurement practices which can restrict or limit access to their products. An effective policy and public affairs programme can navigate this complex process and aid commercial objectives to accelerate patient access. Here at MAP, we can assist with any stakeholder engagement, provide strategic counsel and support with a tailored communications strategy when and where appropriate.

Why should I use MAP as my PPA team over a PPA company? 

The Policy and Public Affairs team at MAP works across a fully integrated consulting team with colleagues from Market Access and Strategic Pricing, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Medical Writing and legal experts. We are a small, dedicated, experienced and passionate team whose main purpose is to support patient access to treatments in the UK. We are specialists in advising our clients on strategic planning, messaging development, policy development and analysis, communications and stakeholder engagement including relations with Parliament, the Department of Health and Social Care and of course the NHS across the UK.

Our combined experience includes working in both in-house and consultancy health-related roles for large pharmaceutical companies, trade associations, professional bodies and in the not-for-profit sector. We have an intimate understanding of the end-to-end market access process and environment and will work closely with you as though we are your in-house PPA department, ensuring that activities are joined up.

What support will I receive from this team throughout the MA process?

The Policy and Public Affairs team can support you from very early on in the market access process to identify relevant stakeholders and start to build relationships, to later on in the process with messaging development and stakeholder engagement. Our expertise is wide ranging and includes: strategic planning, environmental and stakeholder mapping, policy and stakeholder liaison, research and evidence generation, messaging development, collaborative policy development, thought leadership, reactive policy consultation support, policy analysis, communications and even training. 

Am I able to pick up the phone and contact you when needed?  

Absolutely! If you are a MAP Online member you also have access not only to the wealth of resources that are available on the platform but also the helpline which will put you in touch with the most appropriate colleague to respond to your query. MAP will also appoint a dedicated project manager with whom you will have agreed to regular touchpoints as well as ad-hoc communication as required. The Policy and Public Affairs team is always happy to hear from our clients, whether by phone or email and strives to be approachable and supportive to your needs.

Will I always communicate with the same person?

We are a relatively small team, and we always appoint a project manager to each client and in most cases, this person will be a consistent contact for the client. During the proposal stage and kick-off meeting of any new project, the client will be given the opportunity to meet the whole team, so even on the rare occasion that the project manager is not available, you will have been introduced to the rest of the team who will be happy to assist you.

We maintain a close working relationship with our clients to facilitate strong collaboration and ensure we are meeting your needs. In most cases, there will be at least two MAP colleagues who will be working with you on a project to ensure continuity. We also work closely across the broader MAP consulting and MAP Online team to ensure that we are leveraging the available expertise across the team to support you as best we can. 

At what stage in the Market Access journey will I need to engage with the PPA team?  

As early as possible! Policy shaping is a long game, so when your team is looking at their market access strategy for a new product launch, then your policy and public affairs strategy should be considered at this stage. Here at MAP, we work closely across the consulting team, from market access to health economics and medical writing, so that we understand the whole market access journey and where the opportunities are for stakeholder involvement and parliamentary activity.

We will also advise you about the challenges and threats to a course of action. Being involved from the beginning also helps us to help you be in the best position possible for your launch strategy. This includes positioning of your company and key messages for stakeholders. We often work with clients early in the process to help them understand the existing policy environment in the UK, the key stakeholders and the important policy changes that may impact their launch strategy. Working with PPA early in the process enables us to support you with a number of key activities, including early stakeholder engagement to build those all-important relationships which can later be counted on further in the market access process and help to mitigate the potential challenges of the future.  

How to get in touch: 

We are always happy to discuss what policy and public affairs can do for you.

Please get in touch with Tracey Bowden, Associate Director and Head of Policy and Public Affairs. Tracey can be contacted via email on or by phone on 07494 713670. 

Tracey Bowden

Associate Director and Head of Policy and Public Affairs
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