Why work with MAP BioPharma?

Our values

We put patients and people before profit.
We value the health and wellbeing of patients above all else. This drives our commitment to accelerating patient access to medicines and healthcare technology.

Deep experience, practical expertise and track record

Our team is made up of the best consultants in the industry. They have backgrounds and experience across every step of the Market Access process, meaning you receive the best expertise and care through every step of your journey. We are an active member of key trade groups and have helped clients with over 200 HTA submissions across international markets.

How MAP Accelerate Patient Access


successful HTA and pricing applications


positive outcomes for our clients


years’ experience across the team
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Promoting client value and focused spend

Our integrated approach through MAP Online and our consultancy service provides a flexible offer. We help find the answers you need in a cost-effective way. We know that turning to consultants to answer every question can quickly add up and that is why we created MAP Online.

It provides extensive information, coupled with the MAP Online team who are on hand to answer any questions. It will help you plan out your Market Access journey in full and if you then need assistance putting it into practice our team of consultants are on hand. Also, with a MAP Online membership you get 10% discount on consultancy projects.


Single source of information

MAP Online is the only validated Market Access knowledge portal providing a single source of information, backed by expert support, and enhanced with insight from our team of consultants. It also offers extra value with downloadable tools and essential resources to help you plan your Market Access journey. Bringing your treatment to market requires a massive amount of information. MAP Online makes this easy by gathering all the information into one place and helps you find the exact pieces that are the most use to you.

Market insight and thought leadership

One of the challenges of Market Access is knowing you have the complete picture. Our team continually monitor and track new developments and changes to the Market Access process, updating MAP Online continuously so you can rely on us to keep you up to speed.

MAP BioPharma plays an active role in the discussion and debate regarding access to medicines globally. Through our work in the UK, supported by a number of MAP Online members, we have helped to shine a light on inequalities in the way that orphan medicines are assessed.  

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Integrated solutions and big picture perspective

MAP BioPharma provides a unique integrated consultancy that covers Market Access, policy & public affairs and legal perspectives and helps to join up the dots. We provide our clients with a strategic perspective of their Market Access process which prevents missed steps and costly delays. 

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